Patience, drive, and very little fear.

I usually train 5 days a week, with one active recovery day, and take one complete rest day. My programming include a variety of Weightlifting, strength training, gymnastics skills, accessory work, and metabolic conditioning.  

My programming is provided by Sport Specific Power owner Mike Varrato.

You can usually find me training at Golden Phoenix in New Jersey or CrossFit SPOT in NYC. 

My favorite music to workout to when I'm doing strength work is hardcore, angry music. During a metcon, I prefer something more up beat like house or 90s dance. You can usually find me listening to American Top 40s or country when I'm driving. 




I've teamed up with WellWell, the Renaissance Periodization Diet, Caffeine and Kilos, Paleoethics, Halo Neuroscience, TRX Training, and KettleBell Kitchen! Thanks to them I have everything I need to be the strongest, fastest and overall best version of myself.